Meet Janet

The first question people ask me, after they get into my car at the airport, is "What's an English lady doing here in Athens?"

Well, my answer is, simply, that I was in a boring job in England, working for a Bank, and decided that I needed a bit of adventure and change of scenery. I always wanted to see the world and, as I had a good friend in Athens, thought I would start there! Thirty six years later I am still here and, basically, have been travelling between Athens and Newcastle upon Tyne, England since then!

Quite frankly, after spending almost 4 months in Athens, I was ready to set off with a backpack to see the islands and afterwards return to the U.K.. Then, I met the man of my life and that's the end of the story!

Or is it just the beginning?

Aris and I have brought up two beautiful children, Elizabeth and Toli, whom we are extremely proud of. As children do, they flew the nest when they went to study, several years ago, and basically, never came back to live at home again. Although, Elizabeth lives and works in Athens, Toli works in England (turn of the tables there!).

Consequently, we had an empty home with lots of rooms and, with the upcoming Olympic Games in Athens 2004, I decided this was what I wanted to do. We both enjoy it immensely, and have met so many wonderful people from all over the world, that I just can't imagine my life without our B & B.

We have a comfortable home, in an outer suburb of the city of Athens with a garden full of ancient, gnarled, olive trees, which, in the autumn, drip their fruit into our azure swimming pool.

Our location is ideal, being only a 10-minute drive from Athens Airport with easy access into the city centre. The village square of Peania, located at the foot of Mount Hymittos, is a 20' walk from our B & B for guests wanting to relax in one of the coffee shops or taverns. For a short while one can feel part of a small, agricultural, village life and watch locals going about their daily business, playing "tavli" in a local cafe, having loud political discussions or just sitting drinking coffee, twirling their "worry beads". One may even have the good fortune to see a Greek wedding in the beautiful Church of Zoodochou Piyi.

Thirty six years ago I left my life and home in England to see the world, which I haven't managed to do, BUT (happily) the world comes to me!